Toyota Asks for Ideas

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Toyota Motor Corp. After doing the heavy lifting of first designing and constructing a small prototype three wheeled electrical vehicle called the I -Road, decided to choose the public for ideas on how to market this new and exciting transportation option. If now is the time however that you are in need of a vehicle, be sure to take some time to visit the Toyota dealer in Peninsula.

Entrepreneurs were invited to pitch their business ideas with team representatives from Toyota finally narrowing it down to 10 teams that specialized inengineering and finance, urban planning, and mobility. The top prize with this contest was a chance to team up with Toyota and to possibly bring their ideas to life, as well as $15,000 cash.

Many of the ideas for the best way to utilize this excellent product were proposed by these 10 teams. The minds ranged from building a Toyota Café for owners of the I-Road to lounge or work from, while service was completed on their vehicles. Another original idea was really a vehicle sharing system that would keep a ready supply of I-Roads available very popular areas.

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While other manufacturers such as Hyundai and Honda have explored concepts for small electric vehicles for urban users, Toyota has by far gone the furthest in terms of testing and producing these highly viable transportation alternatives. Toyota has indicated that they would like to see more of an opportunity in the market before they roll out the I-Road in mass quantities, gaps in public transportation are certainly a possible niche for vehicles like the I-Road.

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The opportunity to market and sell a high volume of small electric vehicles in highly condensed urban areas may seem like a no brainer with today’s increased exposure of reducing our CO emissions while still managing to have people from point A to point B. While Toyota maintains that the entrepreneurs involved were judged on the quality of their presentations, financial viability and innovativeness, a robust percentage had also been placed on the criteria of societal good. We cannot think of the better way to get ideas than to bring aboard an outside voice to help in shaping the longer term transportation. For several great tips on which is the best vehicle for you to purchase be sure to visit

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