Touring Dealerships


Probably the most important activities when you’re choosing a Toyota dealership would be to take tours of the ones that interest you. Of course there are going to be several within just a few miles of your house. After you’ve done your research on the internet and found websites for your local dealerships, like Vista Toyota and their site,, and narrowed it down to ones you’re actually interested in, you can travel to them and take dealership tours. But you should always keep in mind that it’s pretty likely you’ll spend several hours in the dealer you choose, there are lots of reasons to look around a dealership before you commit to purchasing a car. Not only will you probably need several visits to pick a car, but after buying it, you’ll probably bring it back to the dealership for service.


When you first visit a dealership, let the sales staff know that you would like to take a tour of the facilities rather than jumping right into car shopping. This really is completely normal and something that they’re used to being asked, so there’s no need to feel unsure about asking for a tour. Whenever you go on the tour, make it clear that you’d like to see more than just the automobile lot. Have a look around inside of the dealership, too. Be sure to view the service center, since you’ll likely be coming back to it for work on your car during the initial years you may have it. Also be sure to look into the waiting area; you’ll want it to be a place that seems comfortable so you won’t mind waiting. Talk to other people working there to acquire a feel for their demeanor; finding a dealership you prefer is paramount to finding a car you’ll love.

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