Coming Soon: The Audi R8 Limo – The Fastest Limousine in the World


It’s no secret that one of the reasons Audi cars and trucks rank therefore highly because performance automobiles is the engines. And also used inside Audi-branded vehicles we all know and adore, however, the automaker’s powertrains have also been used with other effectiveness cars in the past.

Among this interesting along with exotic automobiles powered by means of Audi engines would be the 1989 Zender Simple fact 4, a thought car that has been fitted while using the same 3. 6-liter 4-valve-per-cylinder twin-cam V8 that has been used in that year’s Quattro sedan, a German sports vehicle known because the Gumpert Apollo (which likewise used any V8 powerplant, though these times it had been a 4163 closed circuit bi-turbo, intercooled version), as well as the Spyker C8 Aileron, which comes equipped with a 290 horse power 4. 2-liter V8.

This week, however, Audi machines – along with Audi cars generally – manufactured a leap inside a different direction. The London-based company Limo Dealer has reported the creation with the fastest limousine on this planet, and it’s generally a super-powered, extended, Audi R8.

While it’s not really yet designed for actual work with, the Audi R8 limousine will probably be built in order to street-legal specifications, sporting identical 5. 2-liter, 525 horse power V-10 engine inside standard R8, which can be said in order to accelerate through 0 in order to 62 miles by the hour in merely a 3. 9 mere seconds, and reach a highly regarded speed associated with 197 mph. The stretch limo doesn’t nevertheless have just about any official check results, nevertheless it seems likely who’s will break the existing speed report (held by the Ferrari limousine) associated with 0-60 mph acceleration in 6 mere seconds, with small trouble.

Rate, of training, is only one aspect with the Audi R8 expand limousine. Inside of, there can be room with regard to eight guests, seated with three series of red-upholstered bucket seats in which face onward. Other characteristics include gull-wing gates (reminiscent associated with retro DeLoreans) with the second along with third series of car seats, with conventional doors with regard to rows one and 4. The limo shall be fitted while using the same R-tronic computerized manual indication system present in conventional Audi R8s, but there isn’t a final concept on whether it will also have this Quattro all-wheel get.

Who received the brilliant idea to create this super-limousine? According to Limo Dealer, which says a minumum of one stretch R8 need to be available in order to rent in three months, it’s getting manufactured by means of Carbonyte UK, the very same automaker in which built this Ferrari 360 limousine mentioned above.

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