Checking out the Honda Clarity

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The Honda FCX clarity is the vehicle that Honda believes will change the way you drive inside the very forseeable future. For those that require a vehicle now there are some great choices at National City Honda.

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The FCX is short for fuel cell electric vehicle and is a zero emission hydrogen powered vehicle that can radically alter your perception of what an electric vehicle is capable of. Not simply is this vehicle sporty and stylish it is actually absolutely loaded with creature technology and comforts that does not only makes it look good and feel good but as the name implies is zero emissions so that your conscience feels as effective as you do while driving it. The safety features found in the Clarity are unparalleled in the business and can include Collision Mitigation Braking System, Vehicle Stability Assist along with reinforced unit- body structure offering the latest in high tech safety. In addition to being absolutely full and beautiful of fantastic highly technical features, the car is just plain fun to drive.

The Electric Motor is smooth and exceptionally powerful , putting to rest the argument that electric vehicles do not have the strength to contend with vehicles that emit dangerous levels of CO into the atmosphere. The Clarity encompasses a ground-breaking new fuel cell stack of your high technological imagination we would expect from Honda. Quite obviously being a zero emission vehicle this technologically advanced beauty will certainly help slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases that are plaguing our planet and causing much consternation amongst people who truly believe in preserving our environment and a lot more than that, our life-style here in the world.

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While governments happen to be a little slower in catching on to the incredible importance of lowering CO emissions, it could seem that some are finally awakening by allowing the Honda Clarity to be qualified to use High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes while on a trip on State highways recognizing that the zero emissions emitted are no different than, and actually better for the environment than carpooling in a non E.V. Good for you Honda and let’s hope more states get out of bed and see the future as clearly as you obviously do. Don’t miss out on the excellent Honda choices at

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