All About the Ford Pass

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Most vehicle consumers put their main focus on the vehicle that they are buying and every one of the features that include it. What often is not realized is manufacturers for example Ford go beyond and above just the building of the vehicles. For the vehicle that you need now you can trust be sure to visit Ford Glendale.

Ford offers a number of promotions and packages. Ford comes with an excellent program called the Ford Pass which is dubbed being a “smarter way to move”. The full focus of the program is usually to make life easier for individuals when they have to get around. Irrespective of what your journey is, Ford is intent on so that it is the very best experience possible.

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The Ford Pass is made up of different solutions based on your personal, digital and physical needs. It allows you several choices when it comes to driving a Ford. They have teamed up with ParkWhiz and Parkpedia like a solution to find ways to find parking easier and with less hassles. They have got teamed track of another entity called Flightcar which allows a person to borrow and share vehicles when they are travelling.

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Included in the Ford Pass platform is Ford guides. This allows you to get in touch with experts to have help that you need one on one either through the telephone or possibly a live chat session. Then added to this is basically the Ford Pass perks. Here you will get rewarded for being a customer of Ford through different venues. Ford is collaborating with favourite entities including 711 and McDonald’s as well as others in order for them to be able to offer members entry to merchandises and special experiences. You are soon going to see urban Ford storefronts. Here you will be able to get much more information about driving experiences with Ford that can really accelerate your involvement with the Ford vehicles.

As you can see using the Ford Pass Platform they have got you covered in all ways when it comes to making your travel experiences no matter whether they are of short durations or lengthy ones an awesome experience. This is just one example of methods Ford reaches out beyond just the provision of quality cars. For many great deals on Ford vehicles visit

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