Things to Do On the Weekend in Orange County

Orange County is a part of California rich with history and things to do, you just may not know it because it’s gotten such a bad rap from society as being a den of awful people and a place no one would ever want to go. That said, even though there’s much to want to avoid about Orange County, there’s still a lot of fun things you can do if you find yourself in the OC with a bunch of time to kill and no will to find things to do by searching actively around you, or by driving around. So here’s just a little helpful guide on fun things that the OC has to offer.



You may think that most of California if not all of this wonderful state as beaches galore and while you are right that there are countless wonderful beaches to enjoy in the sunshine state, the beaches in OC are worth going to just for the sake of seeing some great new beaches you might not get to otherwise. You can walk up and down the entire coast and never tire of the waves and sand and the breathtaking cliffs, some of which you can actually jump off of if you’re the daring sort. In fact, much of what there is to enjoy in the OC is for the daring sort, so dare away, and splash away the time by surfing and body surfing and swimming among the dolphins.



There are also so many cars to look at and even buy if you want. Since there’s a lot of money in the County, there are also a lot of dealerships that offer you lots of benefits of being around rich people. If you’re in a more poor community, it’s quite possible that the dealerships will really want to get a pulse on whether or not you really are intending on buying something before you get in for a test drive, but in the OC, they’ll just assume everyone, no matter what they look like, is a contender for being an actual customer. So you can go to riverside fiat and get in a brand new 500 and take it for a spin, then head to OC Fiat and do the same, maybe with a different model. It’s a fun way to see new cars and experience a fun afternoon.

Anaheim Angels


The Angels are a professional baseball team. You may be surprised to know that just based on their stadium which can only be described as a plastic life sized replica of a real stadium. That said, much of Orange County can be thusly described, so why let that deter you from a little fun in the sun, cheering on the hometown team while drinking excessive amounts of over priced beer. It’s the American way. And there isn’t too much more American than baseball, beer, and a cheap approximation of the real thing, and the Anaheim Angels, excuse me, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, embody all of that perfectly.

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