Leather Car Seats vs Cloth Car Seats

Pop down to Temecula Nissan and you’ll be amazed at how many fantastic makes and models of new and used cars there are to choose from. Although some may be outside your price range, some may not be suitable for your family and some may not quite suit your personality there are still lots and lots to choose from.
One of the things which you will have to take into account when you buy your next motor is the choice between leather and cloth upholstery. Which is the best? Some of the lower priced Nissans (and other makes) will only have the option of a cloth interior and some luxury models only have leather – but there are those in between models which give you the option.
Price – leather upholstery is always more expensive than cloth but the difference can vary quite dramatically. It depends upon the quality of leather but, if you are restricted by budget then cloth may be the best choice for you.

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Hot weather – leather upholstery can get pretty hot and sticky during the hottest months of the year which is one thing which should certainly be considered. Not only can it burn your legs when you get into the car but also make you pretty hot and sticky for when you get out. If you live in a hot climate then this is certainly something to consider.


Cold weather – on the flip side, leather seats can be pretty cold to sit on in the winter time. Some of the most up-market models have heated leather seats to combat this problem but if that’s beyond your pocket and you live somewhere with cold winters then cloth certainly comes out on top in this topic.


Stains – high quality leather seats can be wiped clean in an instant, the same cannot be said for fabric. Families with smaller children may be well advised to opt for leather seats for this very reason. Of course there are treatments which can help to protect cloth seats against spills and stains so if you remember to treat those things don’t get too bad. Some brushed leather is also susceptible to stains.
Smell – nothing can beat the smell of leather when it comes to a car interior, particularly as many fabric interiors can soak up all unwanted smells of the things which have been spilled onto them. Whether it’s spilled milk, doggy accidents on the way to the vets or a toddler with an upset tummy after eating too many corn dogs covered in chocolate – the smell may be there to remind you for a long period of time. Leather certainly comes out on top in the smell test.
Maintenance – leather is not only high class it can also be high maintenance. Whilst leather may not soak up stains it still needs to be kept clean and in good condition to prevent splits and cracks. If you don’t keep on top of it every few months it can soon start to look worn, dry out and crack. Cloth upholstery on the other hand can be vacuumed or steam cleaned periodically as well as some sort of Scotchgard treatment every couple of years. Cloth is the winner when it comes to routine maintenance.
Allergies – if you or any member of your family suffers from allergies then leather may be the best choice for you. Dust, pet dander and other allergens may settle into the cloth but cannot do the same in leather.
At Metro Nissan Redlands they’ve got some terrific cars with leather or fabric seats – which is the best for you? Well, that’s for you to decide.

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